Okay BookHeaven

*Disclaimer* I don’t like to talk about myself on the blog but BookHeaven tagged me in a post to answer these questions. I know her in real life and she would kill me if I didn’t answer them. I promise that my next post will be about Applehead and will be posted soon. So here we go.

1. What is you guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure would have to be listening to Gaelforce Audios on YouTube. It’s a little weird but I really enjoy listening to the Irish accent because I like to copy accents that are different than mine.

2. Would you rather gain 200 ponds or lose your sex organs and why?

I would rather lose my sex organs. Gaining weight wouldn’t be a problem for me but it would make it harder for me to do cardiovascular workouts in in the gym, which I’m already bad at.

3. What is the most embarrassing dream you’ve ever had?

I don’t have any embarrassing dreams but I do have some odd ones. One that really stands out is one where me and my little sister were playing with the Care Bears and they were moving just like in the movies. I got stuck in a tree house with one of the Care Bears and the rest of them had to get a ladder to help me get down.

4. What is something no one else knows about you?

I tend to over think things to the point that it gives me a headache. Though I do daydream, I’m usually zoned out because I’m over thinking things like a math problem or a YouTube video I saw somewhere.

5. What have you seen that would wish you could unseen?

The pop ups that show up when I try to watch anime from third party websites. They’re really annoying and some are lewd.

6. Have you you ever ignored a friend’s text, who, and why did you do it?

I’ve never truly ignored someone’s text in particular but my snapchat doesn’t work well on my phone so I deliberately avoid answering messages I get on there. I do try to answer all of my friends as quickly was possible.

7. What is your wildest fantasy?

Sharing a dorm house with all of my friends (regardless of gender) where everyone gets their own room.

8. If I had the power to fire one teacher, who would it be?

I wouldn’t necessarily fire a teacher because I would feel horrible, but I would change what my teacher taught. I would change Mr. Aghassi, my physics teacher, into an engineering teacher.

9. What is the biggest secret you’ve ever kept from your family?

My blog name. My dad knows I have a blog but doesn’t know my name so he can’t find me on here.

10. Out of your friends, who do you want to switch lives with?

I love my friends but I know everyone fights battles that no one knows about. I wouldn’t want to fight anyone else’s battles and I wouldn’t want anyone to face mine either. So I wouldn’t want to switch lives with any of my friends.


Throwback Thursday 

This picture is of Michael in his youth. I chose this picture because he was very young but very determined and focused on music all the time. He also was forced to grow up immediately when he went on stage and this led to his desire to create Neverland.  His face is adorable in this picture, however he is not happy due to him not being able to act like a normal child.

Throwback Thursday

I guess I could use any piture of Apple head for this tag but I really like this one. He was practicing for the video for Blood on the Dance Floor or as Moonwalkers love to call it BOTDF. He always said he disliked his smile (something those who cared about him never understood) but in this picture he flashes his pearly whites anyway. He is in his favorite color red and this picture was nice due to the video being serious and dark but the man behind it was playful and light hearted.

Michael Jackson=Peter Pan

Applehead always wanted to be the well known character Peter Pan. The two never truly wanted to grow up and loved playing with children quite often. They both believed that children needed some form of escapism sometimes. The two also shared the common goal of immortality. Pictured below is the real life Peter Pan flashing the pin of the Peter Pan of the animated realm for all eyes to see. This action shows off his love for the cartoon character.

History Era Mike

Everyone knows the song “They Don’t Care About Us” from the album History-Past, Present and Future however I believe that this album is still very underrated in many ways. The album highlights may things such as the power of his music in the song “Come Together” and corrupt government officials in songs such as “DS”. The entire era for him was a time of expressing unique styles with the addition of military like outfits and the debut of him wearing gold pants (as shown below). This era also included him wearing his hair in curls which was put into a ponytail that began during the Dangerous era as well him wearing his hair short and straight like he did in “They Don’t Care About Us”.

Woman Crush Wednesday

Since it’s Wednesday, I decided that my Michael related woman crush today would be his little sister Janet. She is awe inspiring and and a gift to this world. I love her music a lot and right now my two favorite songs by her are “What About” and “No Sleeep”.